Jarrod J. Photography

A study in the avoidance of camera clichés.







Jarrod Joachim came to us in need of a brand strategy, identity and website to launch his new photography business into the world.

We wanted to create a look-and-feel  and a voice that balanced masculinity and femininity. Photographers must appeal to a wide audience, and Jarrod’s brand needed to resonate with Bridezillas, Mother in-laws, new parents, and recent college graduates. Keeping that in mind, we still had to create a brand that stands out from an endless sea of “professional photographers”.

Made of custom script, “Jarrod J.” and “JJ” are heavy enough to feel true to Jarrod as a “man’s man” while simultaneously appealing to a softer side. The JJ works perfectly as a seal and secondary element, because JJ is a nickname used by close friends and family.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the fedora in the room. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me—it fits him perfectly. Jarrod wears one almost everywhere he goes and plans to use fedoras as a signature element when shooting. He might even pick up a few extras for his clients.

Visit the site: jarrodjphoto.com

My roles on this project: Art Direction, Illustration, Design, Project Management

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