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Lass & Lad is cornering a new market for the growing middle class Chinese family. The are a health conscious baby and child room furnishing store.  The parent company, Star Living came to MM in need of a brand foundation for their new business. We created an identity that would be warm and playful for children with a touch of elegance that would resinate with a wealthy target audience. Most home furnishing products in China are produced with little regulation and have been known contain chemicals that can make children sick. With that in mind Lass & Lad carefully sources their products from European manufactures, keeping children’s well being as a top priority.

I choose to explore the concept of a mother protecting her child. After doing some digging, I found that elephants were very well thought of in Chinese culture and represented wisdom and strength. The logo mark puts an emphasis on this core ideal. The mothers leaf represents the chemical free home furnishings and shelter provided by loving parents. In Chinese culture most children grow up, then take care their parents and grandparents. To foreshadow this, I gave the baby elephant his own leaf helping to reinforce the ideals of providing a healthy life for all.

My roles on this project: Art Direction, Design

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