Year of The Horse

A new spin on an old tradition.







MM Identity Lab’s Year of the Horse 2014 from MM Brand Agency on Vimeo.


For 12 years running, MM Brand Agency has created a custom calendar inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. During a brainstorming session for the 2014 edition, I tossed out the idea of a deck of cards. The correlations are uncanny: 52 cards and 52 weeks, 4 suits and 4 seasons, the list goes on.

The MM team loved the idea. We started to do some research and found that cards have been associated with seasons for hundreds of years. We assigned each suit to a season and flowed the calendar information to align each months number with its cards playing number (February = 2 and so on).

The calendar’s theme was wood and inspired by the Wild West; we carefully guided the art direction to feel warm, rustic and authentic. Armed with a sketch, local warrior poet and all-around bad ass Victor Vasquez had the perfect style to deliver a masterful illustration for the back of the cards.

My roles on this project: Art Direction, Design

Illustrations by Victor Vasquez

Photography and Video by Jarrod J. Photography

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