Year of The Ram

A custom illustrated deck of cards that doubles as a calendar.






MM Brand Agency’s Year of the Ram 2015 from MM Brand Agency on Vimeo.



Every year, MM Brand Agency creates a calendar that celebrates the Chinese Zodiac. In early 2014, MM crafted a deck of cards that acted as calendar and celebrated the Year of the Horse. We saw such a strong response from the design community (both locally and nationally) that we decided to do another deck for 2015.

Although 2015 is the Year of the Ram, it can be also be interpreted as a goat or sheep.  We decided to give the ram center stage, but found interesting ways to incorporate goats and sheep into the face cards. The art direction was heavily influenced by Sanna Annukka’s illustration style, culminating in a modern Scandinavian aesthetic.

My roles on this project: Art Direction, Illustration.

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